Starchitect Frank Gehry to Teach Online Masterclass

dornob 3/22 12:51P Sorcha O'Higgins
Image from HYPEBEAST Ever wondered how master craftsmen conceive of, execute, and complete their projects? Well, now you too can have the chance to be taught by the masters, via a new online learning...

Artist-Welder Gives Old Cars New Life as Cool Furniture

dornob 3/14 1:50P Joanne Camas
Joel Hester uses his training as a welder and his love of cars to design and make cool, unique furniture from junkyard metal. A summer job as a teen introduced him to metalwork and welding, and that...

nanoGriptech: Revolutionary Adhesive Inspired by… Geckos

dornob 3/9 4:00P Joanne Camas
Geckos are versatile little guys. Not only can they sell you car insurance in just a few minutes, they re legendary for their ability to stick. Yes, their feet pads are covered with tiny hairs that...

Anish Kapoor’s Continuous Black Whirlpool Comes to the US

dornob 3/9 2:43P Sorcha O'Higgins
Image from New York’s Brooklyn Bridge Park is set to receive a new piece of public art: Anish Kapoor ’s captivating Descension, a continuous black whirlpool set into the ground. The...

Sony Koov: Connected Robotics Kit Helps Kids Learn STEM

dornob 3/8 3:03P S.A. Rogers
Like a digital version of toy bricks, the Sony KOOV system lets kids build virtually anything their imaginations can dream up, but what happens next is much cooler than your typical LEGO creation. The...

Himalayan Salt Brings Light and Nature Back to Your Life

dornob 3/7 3:04P Trenton Harris
Himalayan salt, a rock salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan, has become the latest health fad due to a number of benefits that it is said to possess. Being less processed than both table salt and...

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