Private Playgrounds: 5 of the Coolest Slides Inside Homes

dornob 4/22 12:44P S.A. Rogers
Why stick with boring old stairs when you could be whisked down to the lower levels of your home on a slide? Architects demonstrate how fun interior design can be with playground-style slides in all...

Dwelle.ings: Sustainable Eco-Buildings

dornob 4/12 12:48P Annabel Emery
The question of affordable, eco-friendly housing is a common one in today s market, especially in a world where housing in general is a problem in many countries. It s Britain s high housing costs...

Nike Designs Hijab for Muslim Female Athletes

dornob 4/10 2:00P Sorcha O'Higgins
In these trying times of social and political unrest, debates on immigration, race, gender, and religion are being held in every sphere across the world stage, from the chambers of government to art...

An Afternoon with the Polimind Papercraft Kit

dornob 4/7 1:16P Dornob Staff
What happens when a pair of architects put their mind to making something creative? The Polimind papercraft kits! Spanning several designs, including a dragon head, an owl, and an alien, Polimind’s...

RCR Architects Win 2017 Pritzker Prize

dornob 4/5 3:19P Sorcha O'Higgins
Catalan architecture studio RCR Arquitectes have been awarded the 2017 Pritzker Architecture Prize , the industry’s highest accolade. The Spanish architects Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, and Ramon...

Hide Your Cards with the Wally Ether iPhone Case

dornob 3/27 3:00A Joanne Camas
The designers at Distil Union have a healthy sense of humor as well as an uncanny knack for developing products to fit the needs of an increasingly digital world. Take, for instance, the Wally Ether ....

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