Bike Fixation Brings Emergency Workshops to Your Home

dornob 6/26 11:00A Joanne Camas
The founders of Bike Fixation had their aha moment during a bachelor party pub crawl. They d shown up on their bikes (we don t know why either), and when one of them got a flat tire and there was...

Artist Hides Giant Sculptures in Copenhagen Forest

dornob 6/26 3:00A Eileen O'Sullivan
When Vestegnens Kulturuge tasked Danish artist Thomas Dambo with creating artworks in six of Copenhagen s western suburbs, he chose to hide them away in forests, beside lakes and swamps, and on the...

Gorgeous Ladybug Habitats for Your Garden

dornob 6/21 11:00A Joanne Camas
We love ladybugs for their bright, cheery colors, the luck they re supposed to bring, and the fact that they ll never bite us. Farmers and gardeners also love these little beetles because they keep...

Classic Ikea Tote Gets High Fashion Redesign from Off-White

dornob 6/20 11:00A S.A. Rogers
When fashion house Balenciaga released their own version of the classic Ikea FRAKTA bag for over $2,000, the internet predictably had a field day. After all, the original is made from plastic tarp and...

ABLE Revolutionizes the Home Workout

dornob 6/19 11:00A Sorcha O'Higgins
Ever wish you could have a home gym but don’t have the money or space to set it up? Thanks to a revolutionary new fitness product, you ll finally be able to get the body of your dreams from the...

Five Favorite Winners of the CES Asia Innovation Awards

dornob 6/19 3:00A Joanne Camas
Inventors and design visionaries alike were out in full force at last week s Consumer Electronics Show in Shanghai. Booths displayed a variety of groundbreaking gadgets and tech, including robots,...

Cirrus Shower: A Sustainable Spa-Like Experience

dornob 6/16 11:00A Annabel Emery
What is the Cirrus Showerhead? Sourced from TechGeeksUnited The Cirrus Shower is a revolutionary shower system that produces a blanket of pressurized mist and engulfs your body in its luxuriously...

Thomas Heatherwick Converts Cape Town Grain Silo into Hotel

dornob 6/16 3:00A Sorcha O'Higgins
A unique new hotel called The Silo has recently opened in Cape Town. Conceived of by visionary designer Thomas Heatherwick and his team at Heatherwick Studio , this luxury hotel used to be a historic...

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