Storage Stairs: 5 Double-Duty Designs That Maximize Space

dornob 2/17 3:00A S.A. Rogers
Are the stairs in your home a missed opportunity? Incorporating some clever built-in storage into this typically underused area is one of the easiest space-saving tricks in the book, and you can get a...

Iconic Farnsworth House to Feature in Hollywood Film

dornob 2/17 3:00A Sorcha O'Higgins
Photo from One of architecture’s most enduring icons is set to be immortalized on the silver screen. Farnsworth House, designed by master architect Mies Van Der Rohe, will be...

Baby-Cuddling Shirts for New Moms and Dads

dornob 2/16 3:00A Joanne Camas
Equal-opportunity parenting is the name of the game for the designers at Lalabu. Gone is the assumption that only mothers need and want to bond with their newborns. The company has developed...

The Seventy2: A Smart Survival Kit for Emergencies

dornob 2/14 3:00A Joanne Camas
Hurricanes, earthquakes, civil rebellion, terror attacks, floods, etc. Life can be uncertain, and without being alarmist, it s important to be prepared. A well-thought-out plan and a variety of basic...

Dog and Bone Earbuds Customize Comfort

dornob 2/8 3:00A Sorcha O'Higgins
Finding the right pair of earphones can be such a headache, literally. Headphones are notoriously uncomfortable, presenting a constant ergonomic challenge for industrial designers to overcome. In-ear,...

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