Zink: High-Tech Photo Paper With the Ink Built In

dornob 2/1 3:00A Joanne Camas
A printer with no messy toner or rapidly emptying ink cartridges? If it seems to good to be true, you haven t met Zink , the photographic printer paper with the ink built in (sounds a bit like the old...

4 Smart Kitchen Devices to Make Life Easier

dornob 1/26 3:00A Joanne Camas
With all adults in the house often working 9 to 5 to make a living these days, we usually get home and are rushing to get dinner on the table. So, any devices that help keep our kitchen and household...

ODG Smartglasses: A New Way to View the World

dornob 1/25 3:00A Joanne Camas
Gone are the days when we thought only the distant future could have high-tech toys and gadgets. We re firmly in the digital age, and it seems that every day a new development is announced. Robots,...

CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards

dornob 1/25 1:00A Rebecca Hollada
At the annual CES Unveiled New York event late last year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) revealed the Best of Innovation Honorees for CES 2017. Dozens of products were selected across 28...

DietSensor: Scan and Track What You Eat and Drink

dornob 1/20 11:00A Joanne Camas
Watching what we eat is important for many reasons, whether it s to monitor food intake to manage a chronic illness or to lose weight and stay healthy. Now, an invention that a French couple pioneered...

Stay Powered Up with These 5 Cool Solar Chargers

dornob 1/19 3:00A Joanne Camas
Devices. We all rely on them every day, and we re stuck in a constant loop of charging and using and charging. While we now have more options for powering up, there are still plenty of times when we...

Safer City Biking with the Laserlight

dornob 1/18 3:00A Joanne Camas
City cycling is an adventure and great exercise, of course, especially when dodging aggressive cabs and weaving around people engrossed in their phones as they walk out in front of you. The avid...

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