Jeff Farris


  • You can now allow customers to schedule appointments online! This release includes capabilities for taking, tracking and managing appointments. It includes features for appointment confirmation by text message and email, online calendar integration, drag & drop rescheduling and complete message customization. Just like email, the appointments option is free until your contacts list grows to over 30 contacts.

Other Improvements

  • Redesigned the contacts page with tabs to segregate contact information which now includes survey and appointment information.
  • Added a contacts browser bookmark option so you can easily add a contact from any web page. Look under the Contacts option on the side menu under Settings.
  • Added a translate option to the lead page. If you don't recognize the language, just press the Translate link.
  • New leads can be flagged as spam to help us identify spam problems and block invalid posters. This complements another four levels of spam control we use to prevent lead spam.
  • Added search for lead and search for contact under left side navigation popup menus.
  • Added pie chart to leads for "Leads by Campaign" and added campaigns as a filter option.
  • For Gmail users, added the option to search email for lead or contact information. This option requires that Gmail be specified as the site's email provider under the Site Configuration option under Settings.
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