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January 2014




The New Year is the perfect time to review current NVG operation procedures, perform maintenance on night vision goggle equipment and provide refresher training for all personnel. One of the key benefits to performing annual reviews and maintenance on any NVG Program is the ability to extend the life of your equipment and maximize your program’s overall performance and ROI. 


FEATURED: NVG Maintenance


As with most technology-driven devices, night vision goggles are required to undergo inspections and maintenance. NVG manufacturers, along with the FAA, require goggles to be inspected every 180 days. The issue for most, though, is that they don’t have the proper facilities or resources at hand to perform these checks.

To properly prepare for the 180-day NVG inspection, we recommend assigning the management of the process to a specific team member. Your “NVG Custodian” should maintain records of all equipment purchase dates, equipment serial numbers and schedules for upcoming maintenance. The log should also include when the night vision equipment was sent off and when it returns. Dedicating one individual to perform these tasks ensures a tighter control in management of the overall process.

Night Flight Concepts offers online maintenance support tools to streamline the quarterly maintenance and repair process. Once received, the NVG equipment will be serviced and returned within 72 hours along with a complete report on performance test data, an FAA airworthiness compliance certification, and an NVG maintenance log book for your “NVG Custodian” to use as part of a well-rounded tracking system.

Find out more about all of the maintenance options provided by Night Flight Concepts.


Feature Product: NVG TRAINING


The positive impact that ongoing training can have to the success of an NVG Program is undeniable. The benefits of a comprehensive ongoing training program are visible in improved operational performance, reduced costs and greater safety.

The most effective training programs will incorporate traditional classroom methods, as well as computer-based training. Training incorporating computer-based training provides a more “real-life” field experience, ensuring optimal learning and the ability for practical application while still in the safety of the classroom.

Night Flight Concepts offers an exceptionally expansive suite of night vision goggle training courses, which have been specifically designed to address the requirements of law enforcement agencies, air medical/rescue services, military organizations, and government task force agencies. Training program tracks include:

Find out more about the comprehensive training program solutions offered by Night Flight Concepts.



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Properly Stow NVGs

When you're done using your NVGs, make sure to properly store them by installing lens caps to protect the optics, adjusting eye span knobs to neutral for proper fit in the case, removing batteries from the battery pack to prevent corrosion and annotating any deficiencies in your logbook.





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