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Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), classified as appliances in 1990 by the FAA, are used in navigation and military operation. NVGs have been a critical tool when it comes to the control and operation of an aircraft during night flight for decades. This month, we’ll discuss the importance of proper maintenance and a variety of maintenance solutions.


FEATURED: The Importance of Scheduled NVG Maintenance


As appliances, NVGs must be able to meet specific regulatory criteria, maintain a predefined performance standard and require an individual FAA Certification in order to comply with federal aviation usage regulations. To ensure equipment maintains the required level of performance, it is required that all NVGs must be inspected every 180 days. NVG cockpit Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) require NVGs operated in a specific aircraft to be inspected for that particular aircraft every 180 days as well.

Equipment not managed and maintained on a proper 180-day cycle runs the risk of malfunctioning during a flight or mission, putting the pilot and crew in possible harm’s way.

Limited access to inspection equipment and parts prevent many companies from handling their 180-day equipment inspections internally. Night Flight Concepts owns and operates an FAA-approved Part 145 NVG Repair Station. As such, we have the authority to conduct and certify the airworthiness of NVG inspections. We are also authorized to remove and replace malfunctioning parts on models such as:

  • ITT – F4949 series
  • ITT – F4944 series
  • ITT – F4210 series
  • ITT – F4212 series
  • Litton of Northrop Grumman – M949 series
  • Litton of Northrop Grumman – N929 series
  • L3 – M949 series
  • NIVISYS – NVAG series
  • US Army – AN/AVS – 6 series
  • US Air Force / Navy – AN/AVS – 9 series

Night Flight Concepts is committed to delivering fast, exceptional service to our clients for their NVG repair services. Our downloadable shipping form makes sending and tracking your equipment easy. Once returned, your NVG will include a test data report, airworthiness compliance certificate and an NVG maintenance logbook.

Discover more about the NVG Maintenance and Repair services offered by Night Flight Concepts.


Feature Product: NVG Maintenance Training


n response to the growing industry demand for advanced Night Vision Goggle (NVG) maintenance training, Night Flight Concepts offers in-depth maintenance training solutions. The Night Flight inspection and maintenance training programs provide an in-depth, state-of-the-art academic curriculum conducted by certified maintenance instructors and use hi-fidelity 3D simulation throughout the course.

Designed to merge cutting-edge technologies with exceptional industry experience, Night Flight Concept’s innovative inspection and maintenance training programs provided relevant, comprehensive information on the latest NVG inspection and maintenance procedures. Night Flight Concepts NVG training enhances an organization’s capacity to self-support their night vision program. In acquiring the critical technical knowledge required to enable adequate in-house NVG repair and maintenance expertise, an organization can extend the life of their NVG equipment and improve overall return on program investments.

Find out more about the comprehensive maintenance training programs solutions offered by Night Flight Concepts.



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Properly Stow NVGs

When you're done using your NVGs, make sure to properly store them by installing lens caps to protect the optics, adjusting eye span knobs to neutral for proper fit in the case, removing batteries from the battery pack to prevent corrosion and annotating any deficiencies in your logbook.





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