June 2013


Laser Strikes...A Pain In My Eye!


LaserArmor_PBG_34.jpgIn this issue we continue to focus on the increasing number of laser incidents in the air. According to the FAA there has been a 13 times increase in the number of “reported” laser incidents from 2006-2012.


Featured Content: What to do if you encounter a Laser Strike




The following steps should be adhered to when you experience a laser threat:

  • Try to get in the habit of using your peripheral vision first when determining the likelihood of the light source being a laser.
  • NEVER fixate or stare at the light.
  • Report the incident time and location and any other pertinent information to the nearest controlling Air Traffic Controller so they can inform other nearby aircraft.
  • First and foremost, immediately look away from the source and alert the crew so they are not exposed.
  • If necessary, land as soon as you can.
  • If your vision is limited from a direct or indirect strike, turn the flight controls over to the other pilot, if conditions permit.
  • If you have been exposed and feel the effects, it is very important NOT to rub your eyes.
  • Once you have safely landed, immediately go to the emergency room for treatment. Note: Some eye problems may not present itself until later on.
  • Eye exams should include an ocular history review, distance visual acuity, color vision, amsler grid, slit lamp exam, and dilated retinal scans.
  • Finally, ensure the laser incident is reported. The FAA has a dedicated portion of their website to report a laser incident.

Featured Product: Laser Armor™ Aviation Laser Defense Training Program



The primary goals of the Laser Armor Aviation Defense Training Program is to ensure that the aviation community has an understanding of the hazards of laser strikes, as well as to offer solutions that provide protection from these hazards.

The online computer based training solution extends Just-In-Time training accessible via the web from home, the classroom, or in the field, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

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U.S. Coast Guard pilots across the country have been targeted by laser pointers, with more Coast Guard flights interrupted by laser strikes last year than in any other year.  Read more

A federal grand jury in Fresno returned three indictments under new federal legislation that makes it a crime to point the beam of a laser at an aircraft.  Read more

New laws will crack down on hand-held lasers being imported, sold and supplied in New Zealand.  Read more

Laser strike in San Francisco caught on video tape from the cockpit of a helicopter. 
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A majority of reported laser incidents occur during the takeoff and landing phases of flight or during low altitude and low airspeed flight. Beware of this statistic and be prepared to correctly react in the event you encounter a laser incident.





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