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Icebreaker #1 - Player Interviews

Separate players into groups of two or three. Try to match players with others they do not know. Each person in the group should interview one of the other group members and ask them the interview questions. After all interviews have taken place, the answers should be presented to the group by the interviewer. Groups of three are preferable for older players since they must work together to determine who interviews whom.

Sample Interview Questions
Change the interview questions to make them more relevant for age group and sport. Try to choose questions that might help players identify with other members of the team.


Age & Grade?


Favorite sports hero?

Favorite sport (other than the one now playing)?

Favorite television show?

Favorite musician/band?

Icebreaker #2 - Player Trivia Challenge

Separate players into groups of three or four and let each group work together to answer the following questions. Each group writes its answers on a piece of paper. After all questions are asked, answers are given and each group gets one point for a correct answer.

Sample Trivia Questions

Feel free to change the trivia questions as desired to make them more relevant for age group and sport. Try to choose questions that might have a couple of different answers to get kids more active in discussion.

1. Who is the all-time NBA total points leader?

A. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
B. Karl Malone
C. Michael Jordan

2. Who is the all-time NBA leader in points per game?

A. Wilt Chamberlain
B. Michael Jordan
C. Shaquille O'Neal

3. Who led the NFL in passing touchdowns for three consecutive years starting in 1995?

A. Kurt Warner
B. Steve Young
C. Brett Favre

4. Whose record did Emmitt Smith break to become the all time leading rusher in the NFL?

A. Barry Sanders
B. Walter Payton
C. Jim Brown

5. Who is the all-time MLB leader in home runs?

A. Barry Bonds
B. Hank Aaron
C. Babe Ruth

6. Who holds the record for pitching the most innings in MLB?

A. Nolan Ryan
B. Jim Galvin
C. Cy Young

7. After Wayne Gretzky, who holds the record for the most points in the NHL?

A. Mark Messier
B. Gordie Howe
C. Brett Hull

8. Who holds the record for the most games played in the NHL?

A. Wayne Gretzky
B. Gordie Howe
C. Ray Bourque


  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387.  The leader order is the same as the answers.

  2. Michael Jordan with an average of 30.1.

  3. Brett Favre with 38, 39 and 35 respectively.

  4. Walter Payton

  5. Hank Aaron with 755 from 1954-1976.

  6. Cy Young with 7,356.

  7. Gordie Howe with 1,850.

  8. Gordie Howe with 1,767. Gretzy is #11 on the list with 1,487.

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