Jeff Farris
Everyone would like to be the fastest or strongest player on the team.  However, there can only be one "fastest" and one "strongest" player.  For teams, this is actually a good thing because teams need different skills to be successful.  There are many areas in which players can excel and contribute to a team's efforts.  Players can aspire to be the player who is the:
  • Best at playing a position
  • Leader in team spirit and attitude
  • Hardest working
  • Most helpful and encouraging to other players
  • Least selfish in scoring situations
  • Best at a particular skill
  • Most knowledgeable about game situations
  • Most consistent from game to game
  • Best at defensive play
  • Best at scrambling for goals or points
These are just a few of the many different needs that teams have.  Teams need players to fill a variety of  roles in order to win games.  Just because a player isn't the fastest or strongest player on the team, doesn't mean that a player won't have plenty of opportunity to become one of the most valuable.
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