Jeff Farris
Courage: A state of mind that enables one to face fear with confidence and resolution.

Whenever an airline pilot saves a plane load of passengers or a firefighter rescues a child from a burning building, people talk about the courage these people showed during the emergency. But, what is often overlooked is the training and practice that went into preparing for those emergencies. Both pilots and firefighters spend a tremendous amount of time in training and drills to prepare for challenging situations. When these situations arise, this training lets them stay focused on solving the crisis.

While sports do not involve life or death decisions, players are still called upon in many situations to display courage in the face of their own challenging situations. These situations can include:

  • An opposing team gets ahead with time running out.

  • A series of bad calls, which makes it difficult to score.

  • Playing against a team or another player who is known to be much better.

  • Playing when special guests or family members are watching.

  • Playing in a televised or well-attended game.

Like pilots and firefighters, players can show courage in challenging situations by preparing and then relying on this preparation to provide confidence. Fortunately, most players won't be called upon in life and death situations. But, that doesn't mean that players can't show courage when faced with their own challenges.
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