Jeff Farris
Over time, coaches build their list of standard phrases they use to talk with players. These phrases become verbal shortcuts that players come to understand mean more than the words themselves. Most phrases deal with game or practice situations, but some concern attitude - either the player's or the coach's. One of the best of these is "Hi! Glad to see you." Ideally, players would be motivated from within to play their best in practices and games. However, coaches often need to help players tap into inner strength. This help doesn't have to wait for game or practice time. It can start from the first contact a coach has with a player. While a simple "hello" will suffice, a more enthusiastic greeting gives players a boost even before they start. Making players feel welcome and wanted gives them a break from other childhood pressures. These feelings also give them encouragement to be there and try their best. Sometimes the most effective coaching techniques are also the simplest.
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