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1/2/2003 Playing All Your Players
No coach would attempt to play an entire game with only one group of players, leaving most of the players on the sidelines. Player fatigue would quickly become...
Jeff Farris
1/2/2003 Different Positions Teach Different Skills
Each sport has a position that generates more attention and is often more fun for kids to play. However, the desire to play one particular position often...
Jeff Farris
1/1/2003 What My Child May Gain from Sport
by Department of Sport and Recreation / Western Australia Physical benefits: Improve fitness, strength, flexibility and coordination Improve general health and...
Jeff Farris
1/1/2003 10 Ways to Improve Your Coaching
It is a good thing most businesses do not take their method of passing on expertise from one worker to the next from youth coaches. For many coaches, this...
Jeff Farris
1/1/2003 101 Ways to Praise a Child
Wow! Way to go Super You're special Outstanding Well done Excellent Great Good Neat Well Done Remarkable I knew you could do it I'm proud of you Fantastic...
Jeff Farris
12/30/2002 Welcome to the Sports Esteem Blog
For those of you who have read and enjoyed the Sports Esteem newsletter over the years, this blog provides the same style and type of information but in a less...
Jeff Farris