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Easter Island is world-renowned for its monolithic Moai statues and incredible natural beauty. Now, visitors to the unique Polynesian island can enjoy a responsible stay in one-of-a-kind beautiful eco-resort , the Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa . Located...     Inhabitat     12/13/2018     Similar
Buenos Aires-based firm  IR Arquitectura  has created a brilliant modular cabin designed to offer not only exceptional flexibility, but also stellar energy efficiency. The cabin is made up of five distinct prefab modules that can be configured in...     Inhabitat     12/11/2018     Similar
Luxembourg — a small, landlocked European country that borders Belgium, Germany and France — is going to be the first country on Earth to have completely free public transportation . The newly re-elected Xavier Bettel and a coalition government will...     Inhabitat     12/10/2018     Similar
Clad in jet black, corrugated metal siding and renewable Brazilian hardwood, the Draper is an impressive tiny home on wheels that is as tough as nails on the outside but surprisingly sophisticated on the inside. Created by the ingenious team from...     Inhabitat     11/14/2018     Similar
Croatian architecture firm 3LHD , whose jaw-dropping projects we ve covered here , have added something new to their portfolio by way of outdoor furniture. They ve launched Umomoku as a comfortable outdoor furniture collection that s designed for...     Design Milk     11/28/2018     Similar
Building your home is a unique experience filled with stories you will never forget. There is also important information you need to remember if you build, even after you settle in. Whether it s for your family or for future renovations, documenting...     12/16/2018     Similar
In the mountainous countryside of Vitznau, Switzerland, a stunning and space efficient hillside cabin, dubbed Holiday Home by designers alp Architektur Lischer Partner, has captivated locals with its simplistic beauty. From the beginning, the client...     Interior Design and Contemporary Homes Magazine     12/10/2018     Similar
From crystalline-inspired homes to funky cargotecture office spaces , James Whitaker s unique shipping container designs have taken the world by storm. However, the prolific architect is now branching out to design modular homes that not only add...     Inhabitat     12/03/2018     Similar
If you re a fan of luxurious living, there s no better architectural style for you than Mediterranean. These homes remind viewers of seaside villas and time spent on vacation. That said, have you ever wondered what exactly it is that makes the...     12/11/2018     Similar
Graphcore is a tech start-up based in Bristol (UK) and Palo Alto, California focused on developing machine learning hardware engineered as the building blocks for ever smarter and responsive artificial intelligence. By all expectations Graphcore...     Design Milk     12/03/2018     Similar
If you planned on cutting your hair short, you d probably choose a stylist known for creating gorgeous pixie cuts. It s the same idea with architects: each has their own style and specialty. And while two architects could have the same technical...     12/14/2018     Similar
Dry Creek Pool House is a lovely guest home project designed and built by Ro Rockett Design. Located in the most peaceful part of Sonoma County, California, it offers dwellers and guests a moment of respite and warmth, as well as the perfect...     Interior Design and Contemporary Homes Magazine     12/13/2018     Similar
La Serena, designed and built by David James Architects Partners, is a visually pleasing and structurally interesting home located in Canford Cliffs, United Kingdom. View in gallery Nestled into the very end of a peaceful cul-de-sac, the home offers...     Interior Design and Contemporary Homes Magazine     12/14/2018     Similar
Owl Creek is a residence designed by Skylab Architecture that s located on a hillside in Snowmass, Colorado, with expansive views of the mountain. The idea behind the design was to create a place that could inspire deeper connections between the...     Design Milk     11/12/2018     Similar
While it’s obvious that we want the children in our lives to have only the most natural, clean, organic clothes and toys , it’s also important to our planet that we introduce sustainable goods from the start. As children grow up with eco-friendly...     Inhabitat     12/14/2018     Similar
Global event designer  Edward Perotti  has managed over 2,000 events, including social galas, ornate weddings, corporate affairs and notable events in such places as the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre, the Great Wall of China and the Basilica...     12/11/2018     Similar
The platform's CEO is banning the very content that made people feel included to begin with.     Huffington Post     12/05/2018     Similar
For the traveler that takes to the hills instead of the hotels or the outdoor enthusiast that still wants to come home to modern comforts, we have exciting news that will make you want 2019 to start already. Adding to their two established locations...     Design Milk     12/12/2018     Similar
A new Arctic Report Card from the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revealed that the wild reindeer and caribou populations have plummeted by more than half over the last two decades. According to the report, the...     Inhabitat     12/14/2018     Similar
Our pets are our best friends … our family. That’s why it is important to spoil your animals with eco-friendly gifts that will make them and the planet happy. From chew toys made from sustainable hemp and wool to collars made of recycled plastic,...     Inhabitat     12/13/2018     Similar