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Heat-treated pine and steel were used to create this unique treehouse inside the Garvan Woodland Gardens in central Arkansas. The space, a 210-acre nature park with botanical gardens owned by the University of Arkansas, borders the Quachita River....     Inhabitat     5/16/2019     Similar
New York City has just welcomed yet another gem to its growing number of waterfront parks — Pier 35, the long-awaited East River Waterfront project designed by Manhattan-based firm SHoP Architects in partnership with Ken Smith Workshop. Built to...     Inhabitat     5/3/2019     Similar
Our excitement is building as the biggest event of the year fast approaches. At this year’s NYCxDESIGN , Design Milk has a full agenda of things we want to put on your radar! Come check us out at… 1) The Milk Stand at ICFF For the fifth year in a...     Design Milk     5/13/2019     Similar
You may not think about it each day when you toss that cotton swab into the garbage after touching up your make-up or cleaning out your ears, but billions of people with the same habit create a massive amount of waste ! Fortunately, designers from...     Inhabitat     5/9/2019     Similar
Although tiny homes  comes in many shapes and sizes, Canada-based Mint Tiny House Company has managed to create one of the most eye-pleasing tiny houses we ve ever seen. In addition to its spacious interior design, which features dual loft spaces,...     Inhabitat     5/3/2019     Similar
These days, homes are being constructed with any number of sustainable features, but this modern farmhouse in Lincoln, Massachusetts is a veritable powerhouse of energy efficiency wrapped up in one incredibly gorgeous package. Designed by ZeroEnergy...     Inhabitat     5/17/2019     Similar
With the days getting warmer, you may be thinking of all the fun you’ll have this summer: cookouts, roads trips or days at the beach. But you may also want to take some time to think about one of the not-so-fun parts of summer: those increased energy...     5/16/2019     Similar
Recent polls indicate that climate change will be a central issue for voters in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. According to the George Mason University poll , 38 percent of participants indicated that the topic is “very important” for...     Inhabitat     5/20/2019     Similar
Multi-planetary architectural firm  AI Space Factory has been awarded first place in the NASA Centennial Challenge with its innovative 3D-printed design , MARSHA. The 15-foot-tall, pod-like design was digitally printed using a base of biodegradable...     Inhabitat     5/17/2019     Similar
Gaming while flying. Watching movies on public transportation during a daily commute. Listening to music while at the gym. All activities that should be enjoyed while wearing earbuds or headphones. The Basslet is a wearable subwoofer designed to...     Design Milk     5/16/2019     Similar
RDLP Arquitectos have unveiled Casa Puebla, a beautiful family home that incorporates traditional Mexican design with modern passive features . The stunning project features a contemporary shell over two rectangular volumes clad in raw concrete,...     Inhabitat     5/20/2019     Similar
Our quest to save the world by achieving 100 percent renewable energy will unfortunately also be devastating for the environment . An increase in renewable energy means an increase in the need for batteries to power electric cars and store energy...     Inhabitat     5/20/2019     Similar
When a house mullet is done well, they re pretty great. Not every architect is able to successfully merge a traditional front facade with a modern back but Finnis Architects does it brilliantly, as seen in the Brace House . The Victorian terrace...     Design Milk     5/20/2019     Similar
The Indian government has embarked on many large scale renewable energy projects that are predicted to enable the world’s second most populous country to surpass its commitment to cut carbon emissions. According to a recently released report from...     Inhabitat     5/20/2019     Similar
Visa Project , a lifestyle collective started by David Vivirido and Francesco Sourigues in 2018, will present their second pop-up exhibition in New York during NYCxDESIGN and ICFF. Entitled Viso Collective installation 2.0, their exhibit will be open...     Design Milk     5/20/2019     Similar
Nestled in a misty pine forest, the Ta Nung Homestay Executive Office offers employees an environmentally sensitive space to work along with breathtaking views of Vietnam’s Central Highland landscape. Ho Chi Minh City-based architectural firm MyAn...     Inhabitat     5/20/2019     Similar
On the southern coast of Crete, Greek architectural firm decaARCHITECTURE has turned a commission for a modern residence into an opportunity for land preservation. Named the Ring House for its rounded shape, the house was created to follow the...     Inhabitat     5/20/2019     Similar
Although São Paulo is known as a bustling metropolis, a local architectural firm, Lucia Manzano Arquitetura , is doing its part to add more green to the concrete and glass cityscape. The Lorena is a residential building in the heart of the city that...     Inhabitat     5/20/2019     Similar
We all have our favorite ways to start the day, but how eco-friendly is your morning routine? You might be surprised to learn that most people waste a lot of energy and resources in the first few hours they are awake. Luckily, you can make your...     Inhabitat     5/17/2019     Similar
Within a cluster of traditional Dutch homes in The Hague, local firm Global Architects  designed a single-family home that stands out from its neighbors with its contemporary design, yet relates to the surroundings with a layout that references the...     Inhabitat     5/16/2019     Similar