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The success of any NVG program is dependent not only on the equipment, but also on the team’s understanding of how best to use and maintain the equipment.  With comprehensive training programs incorporating the most up-to-date technology, information, and procedures, Night Flight Concepts has courses for all personnel involved in new or pre-existing aviation programs.

Training Courses for NVG Program Lifecycle
The NVG training programs offered by Night Flight Concepts combined hands-on and computer-based training techniques.  This combination of information delivery and dissemination ensures maximum retention and understanding from course participants. The computer-based training aspect of the program provides more of a “real life” field experience; ensuring optimal learning and the ability for practical application while still in the safety of the classroom.

Our NVG training programs are designed to be incorporated throughout the life of your program; not simply at your program’s inception.  The benefits of a comprehensive ongoing training program will be visible in improved operational performance, reduced costs and greater safety.

Night Flight Concepts offers an exceptionally expansive suite of night vision goggle training courses which have been specifically designed to address the requirements of law enforcement agencies, air medical/rescue services, military organizations, and government task force agencies.  Training program tracks include:

Maintaining an NVG Program
In addition to our in-classroom experiences, Night Flight Concepts also offers an expansive list of webinar based programs; perfect additions to NVG Programs as semi-annual refresher course options.

All webinars are filmed in-house in our training facilities.  These webinars can be deployed for individual orientation use or incorporated into a larger group setting.  The online accessibility makes them an ideal reference for course participants.

Training for Any NVG Program
Incorporating training into your NVG Program for participants at all levels and responsibilities on an on-going basis is an excellent way to strengthen the knowledge base of your team’s understanding, keep the up-to-date on regulation changes and introduce them to new technology.  Ongoing training also impacts your program’s performance and safety levels.

With courses in-person, computer-based and webinar series options available, you can design a full training program that will best compliment your team’s needs.

Visit our site for more information on our all of our available online and in-class training programs.

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Night Flight Concepts, the leading provider of comprehensive night vision goggle solutions, will be attending the Heli-Expo 2013 in Las Vegas this week.   Night Flight Concepts will be showcasing our entire product line at the show, making this the perfect opportunity to experience the best-in-class products and training solutions for yourself.LaserArmor_PBG_35.jpg

“As a leader in NVG maintenance, planning, and training, we are very committed to product and service innovation,” explains Night Flight Concepts President, Adam Aldous. “Our intent is to help aviation organizations and first responders worldwide achieve greater results and operational goals through these newest night vision solutions and computer training systems.”

Optical Defense Solutions

Along with our entire product line, Night Flight Concepts will be featuring the Laser Armor™ optical systems.  Laser Amor™ provide ideal laser defense to help civil, government and industry aviation organizations defend against laser attacks and improve operational safety and performance.

Laser Armor™ solutions complement existing flight programs and increase laser strike readiness and prevent possible damage to personnel and equipment in night operations. The solution suite includes Laser ArmorTM Light Interference Filter (or LIF), Laser Armor™ Aviator Glasses and Laser Armor™ Laser Defense Training.

The Benefits of NVG Computer-Based Training

Night Flight Concepts night vision goggle (NVG) training programs provide in-depth and state-of-the-art academic curriculum and operational flight training in order to increase safety, situational awareness, and mission operation capabilities during night flight. The training programs are specifically designed to address the requirements of law enforcement agencies, air medical/rescue services, military organizations, and government task force agencies; our "First Responders."

All Training Courses encompass the most up-to-date technology, information, techniques, and procedures for implementing NVGs in a new or pre-existing aviation programs. Training Options include:

Experience the Solutions of Night Flight Concepts

To learn more about the products, equipment and training solutions offered by Night Flight Concepts, stop by and visit us at booth C2103 at the Heli-Expo, March 5-7, 2013.