November 2013




Safety is the number one focus of any NVG program. Preparing aircrews to properly react in critical situations can mean the difference between life and death. Because Night Flight Concepts takes safety very seriously, we’ve developed a number of aircrew and maintenance training courses to optimize NVG programs and ensure optimal safety. In this month’s edition of Night Vision Insights, we’ll take a look at two of our programs created for aircrew NVG safety.




With an updated curriculum and enhanced training software, the new NVIO™ 2.0 self-paced training courseware is one of the most advanced NVG training solutions in the industry.

NVIO 2.0 Night Vision Training System integrates self-paced courseware and practice in advanced synthetic environments, following the latest Instructional System Design methodologies. Leveraging cutting-edge 3D animations, models and synthetic environments, the training system enhances learning by providing a more “real life” scenario in which to train.

Click here to learn more about our NVIO 2.0 training course.


Feature Product: Aircrew Training


Properly preparing and training an aircrew is mission one of any successful NVG program. NFC has created several NVG training courses that will address the training needs and level of experience of your team.

The courses have been created based on individual experience, aircraft required and whether the training is initial or recurrent/advanced training. The Night Flight Concepts suite of Aircrew Training courses includes:

  • NVG Initial Qualification Training
  • NVG Recurrent/Refresher Training
  • NVG Requalification Training
  • NVG Instructor Pilot Qualification Training
  • NVG Advanced Training

Night Flight Concepts has also partnered with industry to be able to offer specialized NVG training and support. Our specialty courses currently include:

  • Operational Risk Management (ORM)
  • NVG Underwater Egress Survival Training
  • Aviation Laser Defense Awareness Training
  • NVG Maintenance/Technician Training

From initial qualification to advanced training, the suite of Night Flight Concepts training courses will assist you and your team in establishing a safe and fully optimized NVG program.

Find out more about the comprehensive training program solutions offered by Night Flight Concepts.



It was an honor to participate and present in the recent ALEA Central Regional Safety Seminar. To learn more about the NFC programs and discuss your team’s needs in person, check out our 2014 conference schedule and connect with us at an upcoming show! Read more

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Properly Stow NVGs

When you're done using your NVGs, make sure to properly store them by installing lens caps to protect the optics, adjusting eye span knobs to neutral for proper fit in the case, removing batteries from the battery pack to prevent corrosion and annotating any deficiencies in your logbook.





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